Success Story: My Special Friend

Guest Blogger:  Traci Miller, Adult Day Training Center Director

Lisa was placed in a respite home on an emergency basis due to family issues and has now moved into a Supported Living home with the assistance of her in-home caretaker. She lives with a roommate and loves every minute of it.

Lisa has had an awesome time being able to pick out her own furniture for her room. It’s white and pink which are her two favorite colors. She has two poodles and enjoys taking care of them, making sure they are well fed, and have plenty of water and exercise. Lisa has been able to go on outings, something she had not been able to experience before coming to Sunrise.

Recently, she went to the flea market and made the decision to buy a bird that she has named “Lil Tracie”. She has taken a four day weekend to Sanibel Island, again, something she was not able to do before. And her in-home caretaker just took her to get a passport so she can take her first cruise vacation later this year. Lisa has been working in the Housekeeping Department at the Cape Coral Cluster and has her eye on another position! Her determination and love of life has allowed her to make great strides over this past year, and we’ll be cheering her on as we watch her blossom.

I hope you have enjoyed Lisa’s story, and if there is ever an opportunity for you to meet her, it will be your pleasure. She is a loving, caring, individual and I have the opportunity to be a part of her life.