We need Volunteers to help us in:

  • Fundraising
  • Assist/direct Ceramics Program for clients
  • Lead client choral group or teach instrument skills
  • Gardening with clients
  • To sew various items from request list
  • Travel club aid accompany staff person taking clients into community
  • Reader of poetry or books
  • Wood working: create items from a request list for client projects
  • Lead low-impact chair or stationary bike exercises
  • Filing and copying
  • Assist with monthly outings including helpingin planning and chaperone support as well as mobility assistance for people with wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment
  • Arts and crafts- materials, ideas, manual assisting with dexterity and motor skills
  • Assist with celebrations for different holidays
  • Baking cakes for monthly birthday parties
  • General help with organization and cleaning
  • Come be a part of Supporters of Sunrise


Get the GREAT feeling of giving!


Please Contact:
Tracie Miller  / ADT Director at: Office: (239) 574-0068 or email:tmiller@sunrisegroup.org

Israel Valentin/ Director of Operations at: Office (239)574-0068, cell (239) 738-4960 or email:  Ivalentin@sunrisegroup.org