Thank you for your interest in UCP Southwest Florida’s disability rights advocacy work.  UCPSWFL strives to protect and advance the rights of adults and children who have developmental disabilities so that they can freely exercise their own life choices, enforce their rights, and fully participate in their community life. We achieve this goal through policy advocacy, coalition-building, public information and technical support for self-advocates and supporters of the UCPA mission.

Advocacy opportunities enlist the voices and engage the hearts of individuals and families who yearn for solutions, relief, services, supports, and comfort. They are by nature grassroots, offering a vehicle for anyone with any background to be involved in advocacy. Advocacy should always empower individuals and families to take needed action and make their aggregate voices heard.

People with intellectual and physical challenges have the ability to deliver deeply personal and immensely valuable messages. Without question, their testimony and individual stories have the power to educate and engage legislators and public officials. However, they cannot do it alone. Due to a national health care crisis and state funding shortfalls, there are daunting legislative challenges which need to be addressed. Therefore, help is needed from parents, family members, loved ones, friends and community activists alike.

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Share your personal story with our legislators and local leaders helping provide key insights into the impact that policy changes – the good, the bad and the ugly — have on the lives of people with disabilities.