Dreams Do Come True

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Kirk Burchfield has loved listening to country music star, Reba McEntire for as long as he can remember, in fact, he does not like listening to anything but Reba all day, every day.  He has long wanted to see her live but it wasn’t until April 26, 2015 when she was scheduled to perform at The Country Life Music Festival at Florida Tracks and Trails in Punta Gorda that his dream came true.  Kirk bought his ticket and planned his big day.  Because most of the facility is grassy,  he was not sure how close he was going to be or how much of Reba he was going to be able to see due to limitations with maneuvering on grass and soil but what mattered most was he was going to a Reba McEntire concert- he was going to see Reba!!  Kirk was not only able to watch the entire performance but the crew at Tracks and Trails moved him into the very front row where he was also able to give her a note he had written for her.  He enjoyed every minute of the concert, sang every song with her and is so thankful to the people at the Cape Coral Cluster and Tracks and Trails who helped him make this dream come true.